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Breaking in...

2008-01-01 03:27:38 by HeruEW

Hello to everyone and a Happy New Year (though personally off to a bad start myself)... You don't know me yet, but I'm hoping that will all change in the coming year(s)... If all goes well, you will be able to get to know me a little better through my music, being recorded/edited/etc. as we speak... All I can really say is that it will be soon and I hope that all who listen will enjoy... If you're a fan of rough, unedited, unmastered music that was recorded over the span of a 4-day drinking binge (in our home studio before we took the time to make everything acoustically balanced lol), then you are more than welcome to check out My band's Myspace page...

Thanks for reading,

Breaking in...


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2008-01-01 03:30:20

Happy New year! Sorry to hear that, tis been great for me so far.


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